Saturday, 3 November 2012

End of the school week

Was gonna post this earlier on this afternoon, but just never gotten around to it.
It's only the 'official' first week of school since last week was only just lectures, but it feels as if I've already been back a month.
The workload is immense, and having just came back to school after like what has to be more than half a year of not studying/doing projects, I just can't seem to cope as well. I don't have the drive or momentum at all.
But, even so, that's not the main issue, because I believe that it'll get back to me soon. Though I hope sooner rather than later.

What's actually bothering me, is the fact that there are just to many things to be done, and that there are other unnecessary issues arising. I really don't need all these right now, serious. If it really were to carry on, I wouldn't know how much more longer I can last. From May till now, things have really taken a toll. It's not been easy on me, and I'm just fighting to keep the flame alive. It's as if just a wisp of wind can fuse it; the string tethering on it's edge, just ready to fray and fall apart. I can't quite explain it, but it's not been smooth, and I really need to get this edge out of me.

Whats more, projects are really one too many! E-biz is really no joke, but seeing how individual assignments plays a HUGE role, and there's no examination for it, I'd better work my ass off at those assignments to score better. I really can't visualise how to get through this semester, but it's the final lap already! I just wanna score, pass, and get my diploma and hightail it out of here.

Seriously contemplating overseas university to further my education. Though, before I can even think of where I want to go, I should at least know what I want to study. But I do have a rough idea... I guess? Not so sure about it yet, but shall sleep on it for a few days.
Thinking about Taiwan/US for furthering my education though, since I'm pretty apt in the languages used there, though if I were really to go to TW, I need to work on my 繁体字 and definitely, my level of chinese is still abit lacking and all, but it'd be super advantageous to me!
Or maybe though, a country like Korea/French where I can hone my language skills would be not bad too, right? hehehehe. Well, I've still got another half a year to decide, so not that much of a rush, though it really isn't a lot of time if you come to think about it...

Anyway, I just hope that this semester wouldn't prove to be too much of a challenge, and I can sail through it smoothly. Just letting me get through it without any major hiccups is fine enough!

Tomorrow will always be a better day.

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