Sunday, 11 November 2012

The long awaited badminton date!

Finally our third badminton date after more than a month, because trying to book a court was just so ridiculously difficult happened!

I was so excited for it to happen from the moment I finally managed to get my hands on booking the court. However, I ended up being unable to play, which totally dampened my mood beyond words. Yes, the wrist injury being the cause of my not being able to play. Why of all places to get injured, my right wrist.

The fact that it gives me trouble writing, eating and all really just sucks so bad.

Well, back to topic anyway!
So, for some weird ass reason, I declined Shi Hui's offer to pick me up. I honestly don't knowwhy I did that though, because it was s difficult to just find the correct bus to board, being that the was 2 291 going in different loop directions. Luckilythough, I boarded the correct one. And that was like after 15 minutes of trying to find the correct bus/location to board from.

So anyway, I thought I was gonna be one of the latest to reach y'knw.. Cos ShiHui said they were all meeting at KM at 6! and we were supposed to meet at the venue at 7. And it's like max 15mins drive from KM. So when i reached slightly 10mins after 7, I was actually quite shocked to see only Boss there.

Either way, they played, and I just sat and watched. Quite upset la, cos I see them play until so fun and I really wanted to, but jiejie and Claire kept saying no. Cos it is after just recently aggravated again, and my working hand so... Bopian :(

But I still perspired alot eh. HAHAHHA, it was like a sauna in there ohmaigod!

Yea, then went off to siglap for dinner/supper at Mas Ayu! Rode with daddy in the car, and had a mini catch up!

Really miss them all so much ever since I left KM! So yesterday was really fantastic, even if we didn't chat so much since they were all so busy working out. But at least we still did over dinner, and had so much fun and laughs in the process!

Major looking forward to the coming weekend for the team retreat! Still feel major contented/loved everytime I thinik about it. Because of the fact that they asked me along even though I've left KM, and also how they take care of me so well, knowing that I'm just a student and all, and let me pay so much lesser than the rest of them!

Till then anyway!~

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