Sunday, 4 November 2012

le weekend~

So yea, basically here to post about the weekend I've had.
Somehow, this weekend just seemed to fly by in a whir.
Without me even realising, it's already close to the end of Sunday already.
Yea, but at least I have it good for me on the weekends!
Early end on Fridays, and late start on monday, although it is quite dreadful when I have PE.

Let's start with Friday evening.
So, it was the parent's wedding anniversary, so we went out for dinner, but truthfully, we're always eating well, so, it's really just an excuse, lol.
Had dinner at Paradise inn.
Yea, I just love chinese food! Especially herbal soups! :)

Then went for mummy's favourite past time, haha.. Watch shopping!
Our favourite watch shop is like closing real soon, because Eastpoint will be closing for renovations and all, so went over to take a look.
HEHE, manages to snag myself a watch(from Titan) as well! And it's just love! Especially the rose gold, and the pearl face.
Mummy got herself a Charles Jourdan one.
They even bought one for grams, a Pierre Cardin.

But yea, Saturday, woke up real late, had a great lunch cooked by mummy!
Baked macaronni with LOADS of cheese. Really is love lor! Damn shiok! hahaha

Then I nua-ed for awhile, before finally heading out to run some errands and all, and also to pre-order the SHINee fan goods package for ShiHui and myself :) And, successfully spent yet more money again on make up.
So that totally makes it close to about $130 in 2 days that I spent on make up items. Seriously, I've no control:/

Oh, and while out at Tamp, I actually lost my EZ-Link and Matric card! SO, if anyone does pick it up, would you kindly return it to me? :(

Went out for supper with the parents after that, and had the pig liver/kidney meesua at 501! Is really super good la! Love the soup especially lor:)

So, we went out for lunch with Grams, and XiaoYan gugu and family today.
Had lunch at crystal jade kitchen, and we ordered soooooo much for like 10 adults and 3 children, they had to constantly clear the table to make space for the rest of the food.

But still, lunch was really good. It always is when you are in good company.

Oh, and we had Anderson's Almond Bar as well for dessert! <333333!!!


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