Monday, 12 November 2012

The need for foreign talent

And so during APEL today, we were on the topic of prejudice, and one of the things we talked about was "Singaporeans vs Foreign Talent"
And there was like a group of them in class totally lamenting and sorta being against them foreign talent. Not too sure why I chose not to speak up, but it made me feel so upset, the things they said.
So just take one step back, from hating on the foreign talents in Singapore and just think on the following:
1. If these foreign talents did not come, who would take on all the "shit" jobs they work in.
For some reasons, Singaporeans have a "I'm high and mighty" mindset, which actually does not even come close to the truth. But because of this mindset, many of us are then unwilling to work the "so-called dirty" jobs such as cleaners, coffeeshop staffs, nurses etc.
2. If the foreign talents did not come, who would then take on the big titled jobs?
Honestly, Singaporeans seem to not want to make decisions, or for some reason are unable to make sound and just decisions. Even if they were capable of doing so, many would rather not take on that position, and leave it to someone else to do so, because they are afraid of things going wrong, and would not want to take the blame/be at fault for it.
3. Competition.
Without these foreign talents, we honestly would have nothing to spur us on to work harder and outdo ourselves. But the arrival of these foreign talents, we actually, albeit unknowingly, work harder than we normally would so as not to lose to them.
Then, you might claim that they take up so much space, leaving us with less; fight with us for houses when we already do not have enough, especially when they apply for permanent residentship/singaporean citizenship. However, without them then who would help to increase our slowly dying population because we are so unwilling to have children due to the high expenses. But then again, that's another story for another time la.

So, we really should not be hating on them foreign talents. You don't have to embrace them, but at least just accept them, and know that they are here for a good cause.

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