Friday, 9 November 2012


Wednesday was really rushed, yet sooooo fulfilling, I LOVE!

And when I say rush, it really was rushed.
Cabbed to school cos I was running late for lessons and all, after having spent too much time dolling up. SIGH... Shouldn't have had lazed in bed that much.

Completed E-Biz assignment during tutorial, so I was already feeling real accomplished, because for reasons unknown, I just couldn't focus and do it whenever I wanted to on the nights prior to Wednesday. So being able to complete it in less than 2 hours was really great!

Had a super late lunch (3pm) with WenLi and Karin during our break. Actually wanted o get a wrap, but Subway actually ran out of wraps. What even, oh god. So I had no coice but to settle for bread instead. Had my fave parmesan oregano with teriyaki chicken, LOADS of veggie and ranch sauce ^^

Yea, then headed for Spa tutorial, and had our online forum. Quite happy with the group's progress eh. We really ran through so many aspects and everything. Good job guys!

Yea, from then on it was rush again, hahaha... tabao-ed MacD's for Joyce and Claire then rushed off to meet them to watch LingHui's performance!

Had such fun on the bus ride there despite the fact that it was unbearably long due to the jam. Talked about like everything, and anything. Office stuff, TV shows, WGM... hahhahaha, it was just great!

Then met SiangYee at RP and went in for the show in just the nick of time!

Honestly, I never ever really enjoy myself at dance performances. I'm just to perusive/judgemental of it... Like how if they're in sync/on time. And the lighting effects. And seriously, this was just... mediocre? Other than the modern dancers, all of them were really out of sync it was kinda painful to watch. The dance just lost it's flow and symetry. And the lighting design didn't even do anything to help. It was just messy and all over the place. I really wonder if the designer knew what he was doing. Sometimes, the tone of the light totally clashed with the music as well.
But, one thing I must give credit to, is that the Hip Hop IG's wacking was really very good! Yea, totally loved it like OMG! Fantastic beyond words.

So that's about it basically. LingHui was damn pretty la!

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