Saturday, 17 November 2012

beyond tired

OK, so as the title totally implies, I'm so tired my eyes can barely open.
BUT, I'm going to write and post this now, because I'll be away for the next three days, and even when I come back, I'm gonna be way too busy to even think about this blog. Which, I totally feel upset about, but am left with no choice.

But then again, I can only blame it on myself for procrastinating and not starting my assignments on Sunday/Tuesday when I had the time! And then I came home late wed/thurs and today. Leaving for Malaysia the next 3 days, gonna spent tues and wed on tprawks, and then thurs cruise class test after which I've to rush off to MBS, and submission on Fri by 5pm.

Don't have a clue how I'm going to complete these 2 assignments as well as study for the test, but somehow, I have to.

Spent an entire day with WenLi today! Would have had caught 2 movies if time permits, but we really spent too much time at URA. Sigh, all them field trips is taking a toll on me. Coming home with sore legs everyday is like no joke at all :(

But still, today was totes enjoyable!

After URA, we walked down along Chinatown, and had like really yummy durian/mango crepes at only $1.60 eah. such a steal, for such a huge crepe with so much fillings! Damn good really. Can fight with my fave 717 Trading's lor!

Yea, then we were like just walking and saw this traditional desert shop, and so in we went for some.
Had a chendol snow ice. Yums! But couldn't finish it, lol. Waste money :/

Took a bus down to The Cathay to catch pitch perfect! We damn suay though... Only had second row or first row seats left! So took the second, obviously... The show was super funny and I totally loved it, BUT, the bunch of students seating next to me was just.. URGH!
They smelled of sweat and odour, and they were like munching on chips sooooo loudly it was just annoying. I mean, have no one taught you that you should not chew with your mouth open?

1: It's the most unsightly thing ever.
2: You make so much noise when you do so, it turns people off.
3: It's just plain rude.

But still, I enjoyed the movie. Oh, and the bitchy girl in the movie, oh god, we share the same name! HAHAHAHA. I don't know to laugh or cry though. Cos since young I've always had people telling me Aubrey was such a boyish name/unusual name and all...

So anyway when the movie ended, we headed over to orchard central for our dinner at Covelli. The ambiance was really nice and all, but service was just a bit lacking, although they do try, and for that, thumbs up.
The food though, could have been better.
Had the black truffle ravioli, portion was slightly on the small side, and the dish was really close to being bad. I mean, you know how ravioli has cheese in it right, and with the cream sauce, it was just a tad bit too much for the taste buds to handle. A little too overwhelming, whereby any more than half the plate, you start to get really sick of the taste already.
The vanilla panna cotta was a little too sweet for me as well. And it really did not complement the ravioli, thus making the end not as great as it could have been.

Took a stroll to cineleisure after that, so I could buy my $2 handphone cases! Got a really bimbz hot pink one, and a slightly translucent not so neon yellow one. HEHEHEH, love my bright colours:)
And of course, when we're at cineleisure, I just had to go to SMG! I mean like, it's JJ Lin's shop, so how could I not, right!

Really love their fall collection, although the shop still isn't carrying everything from the collection. Saw the baseball jacket that I really liked on the mannequin though, but yet, couldn't buy it cause it's just so ridiculously expensive, and I wouldn't be able to afford it:(

Stood there for close to 10 minutes in total just looking at it! Went like 3 separate times back and forth between the other shops and SMG. Until the staff came out to look at what I was up to :/

But you see, it's just so pretty, how could I not like it. Much less to say, it's GREEN! My favourite colour ehhhh! :'(

Man, why does it have to cost so much, at $184.90...

Alright, so it's 2:00am now as I'm writing this sentence. Not sure if I should work on my assignments or just head to bed seeing how my alarm is set to go off at 7am tmr for the trip...
But either way, my excitement level for the trip really dropped so much thanks to all the assignments and test! :/

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