Tuesday, 27 November 2012


So, It's been more than a week since I've gotten back from the trip, but I'm sure, if you have been following my blog/twitter/instagram, you would have known that I really did not get much of a rest ever since I gotten back. What with the 2 submissions, that test and SBML. But we'll save that for another post next time^^~ Even, if I'm so damn excited to be sharing about my experience there:)

Anyway, back to topic!
Early Saturday morning last week, we gathered back at KM's office before driving out to M'sia!
Got my "TEAM H" shirt! Made me feel so much like a part of the family even though I've left the company! :')
The drive up was actually pretty fun from the get go! Especially since Mad got up the car at Kranji!
The way she and Johnnie banter over the walkie talkie! Too cute, really!

So when we arrived in JB, it was actually earlier than we expected due to the lack of a jam at customs, and stopped by at Tesco, and went across the road for some good ol' herbal Ba Kut Teh! YUMS! Really love anything that is herbal! HEH^^

Check out those empty bowls and claypots! We ordered sooo much, and yet still finished it all! It was really very delish!

It was too early for us to head to Kota Tinggi cos Check-in's only at 3, so we went grocery shopping!!! Had Auntie Anne's for the first time as well! It's pretty good!

Finally, left for the chalet/resort... Fell asleep on the drive up! This is what you get for staying up late the night before, because I procrastinated on packing, insisted on getting a blog post up, and attempted work on my assignments, but failed at horribly. Yea, I was just soooo tired!

The place, had actually looked pretty good online and all, and the exterior was actually not bad. BUT, to be honest, the place is somewhat run down... Maybe from the lack of staff or something, but the place just wasn't as well kept as you would have imagined it to be. But still, not too bad.

Check-in was a headache really. Even though we arrived late(r). The rooms were all not ready and we had to sit around to wait for our roms for a good half an hour. Even if time flew by quick enough because of the company, it was really quite upsetting to have to wait though >:|

After we finally got to our rooms, which I might add, were the farthest from everywhere in the place, we headed to the pool... The pool though, was pretty gross. Though it has no chlorine in it (according to those who went in), the pool had like shit load of dead leaves in it, black specks floating in it, and the water was milky. Too weird for me to even get in. :/

Those that happily jumped in (James, Vincent, Johnnie, Ruth and Clarrise) really had fun though:) The rest of us had fun watching them! AHAHHA :D
Well, at least until the place suddenly got swarmed with the international students from JB that were here for a weekend trip. Then we sorta got up and went back to the room to wash up and get ready for dinner.

Everything was really tons slow at the resort.Too chilled. Dinner, which was promised to be served at 6, wasn't even ready till 6:30. The only things that we're actually moving real fast were the houseflys! They fly as if their life depended on it! It's just next to impossible to kill them! And they won't shoo away either! :( Nevermind about those. We were originally told, that the bus to fetch us to the Kota Tinggi Firefly River Cruise Area would come at 6:45, but was in the end told that we had to go for the second bus which would come around 7:30 so that the students could go first.

The bus however, did not arrive till past 8pm! By then, a few of us were already kinda sleepy. hehehe, must be the entire atmosphere. Being in a laidback area does make you want to rest more than you normally do. I can never explain nor understand why though.

HAD TO WAIT AGAIN WHEN WE REACHED! Those international students that left an hour before we arrived only just boarded the river cruise when we reached! OHGOD! What is this! :(
So the team decided to buy the prawn crackers to munch on, and they got hooked on the home made chili sauce (somewhat similar to belacan in taste/chicken rice chili in colour). It's damn spicy! ShiHui and I almost died! HAHAHAHA! And I only tried a super teeny dip! ShiHui actually took quite a fair bit... But Ruth really loved it, and bought a bottle, and had it with every meal from that day onwards! /SERIOUS!

Had more time still, and we bought the 孔明灯 to write our wishes on and light up! LOL, the colours they have all chapalang/anyhow only lor! But I told them to buy the purple one because I know for certain that it is one of the true colours of the light! Even though, I couldn't remember what it signified! teehee :>

It was really pretty when it finally went high enough into the sky! Looked like an extra bright star in the sky, and also a little like a shooting star! Hopefully, our wishes really do get fulfilled! :)

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