Sunday, 9 December 2012


Always did love the pantomimes that W!LDRICE puts up! They never fail to inject their take on local happenings, which makes the audience laugh greatly!
Shan't really mention so much about what they did throw in this time around, but if you do follow the local news, you'd definitely enjoy it!
You know how we've been embroiled in many scandals recently? Well, there's one that's slightly religious (if you get who I mean), then another one (or two, if you wanna see it that way) that refers to FT, and a few others not to mention!
Major love for Nicki Minah's (Nicki Minaj) character! OH WOW! She's just plain awesome! heheheh! Totally pulled off the minah-ness like BOOMZ! LOL
So, please do go catch the show if you have yet to! Do support local theatre yea!
And while you are there, do pick up a copy (or two) of their original soundtrack! Every $5 of the proceeds would be donated to the "Emma Yong Foundation", set up to help local theatre practitioners who are suffering from critical illness like Emma's! So please do show your love and support!
They'll be on till the end of next week, so there's still time to get tickets if you've yet too!
Some pictures of the decorations outside the theatre!

The kueh bahulu really very cute ok! But the ondeh ondeh abit weird? hahah!

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