Friday, 7 December 2012


Well, technically I've still another 3hours till school officially ends today(typing this up on my phone while I'm having lecture right now).

But, seriously cannot contain my excitement anymore! Like hello holidays!!!!!!~ Finished my last test of the term and I've only another one more consultation later on. But seriously, have no mood for anything else right now!

Gonna head to kbox with Wenli (and Jy if she actually wakes up) after consultation, and I honestly can't wait.

Even if it means I'd be spending money! Heh. But whooo~~ heheheh fun fun fun!

Only, the fact that I've all my projects to start work on come Monday before I head of to Taiwan the following Tuesday morning is totally daunting and stuff. But at least I still have happy things to look forward to next week like JL's Birthday BBQ, and the GC clique's BBQ as well!

Will contact the office daddy to meet for dinner soon too! Heh! And also my KM girls, Claire, LingHui and Joyce! Yea! Shall totally make sure I meet all these people before flying off:)

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