Tuesday, 4 December 2012


OK, really, of so many things I should be doing, the last thing I should be doing right now is updating my blog.

I'm running a fever, have the flu and may be a tad to whiny, which may reflect in here.

PLUS, have a peer teaching assignment I should do cos it's due tmr, and a test on fri morning to study for.

Haven't had lunch yet either, and the fact that my laptop crashed on me just now (while I was doing my online tutorial, no less) pissed me off so bad I almost cried! So I'm kinda cranky.

Haven't fallen sick in so long, and was supposed to go get a flu jab for the TW trip but I can;t anymore now, because I'm sick. This really sucks. :(

OK, actually, I wanted to blog. Really. Like a proper post and all wih pictures and everything. But I think I can't do a prper one right now cos it'll be way too whiny.

So, I'm just gonna cut it off right here, right now.

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