Sunday, 2 December 2012

missing cliquers so bad!

Out of coincidence, took the stanchart volunteer shirt from last year out to wear, and realised, that in a few hours time, this year's stanchart would commence!

And so, was brought back to the past - last year this time, us cliquers was tonning in sch right at this moment, awaiting the bus to ferry us to the location in a few hours time...

We were all so bonded back then, unlike the state cliquers is in now, unlike how we are right now. Back then, we were all a family and everything, everyone just got along well! But sometime along the way, everyone just got too caught up in their own things. Studies, friends, life.

We started loosing touch. Not helping out with cliquers as much anymore.

How I miss this bunch of friends, and how we really could just sit around and spend hours talking and doing nothing! :(


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