Monday, 10 December 2012

SHINee World 2

So anyway, if you have been following me on twitter (@Aubrey_TY) you would have known I went for SHINee's concert on saturday evening!

Finally, I was able to see all 5 of them up close and everything! TOTAL LOVE leh! :')

So spent the last 2 days trying to edit photos, and yet, I'm barely half way through. Of the 1500++ phtos I've took, I actually only edited about 102 so far, and have LOADS more to go, even though i did delete quite a substantial amout due to over exposure or the fact that I couldn't get it to focus when snapping!

So, I swear, I am such a lousy person with technical/computer stuff anyway. It's taking me forever to edit them photos, and I'm just dying. Don't think I'm doing a good enough job either, but that really can't be helped though...

Anyway, the boys had a pre-birthday celebration for Minho and ONew, whose birthday's were on the 9th and 14th respectively. Though JongHyun insisted that they were celebrating his birthday in advance (lol, his birthday's on April 8!).

They totally caked the both of them. It was pretty hilarious so to say! ONew had cake in his hair and all, and Minho even had cake in his nostrils :/ AND, there was cake ALL over the floor.And JongHyun was like a little boy at christmas, running around with cake in his hands after the both of them. How cute though. It's really fun to see that they enjoyed themselves like this!

Oh yea, got caught once, and was given a warning that if I get caught taking photos again, I'd have to surrender my camera! So, thankfully I didn't get caught again!

Really lucky though, that we were sitting first rows of where we were at, so it's easier to just place the camera on my lap and snap. Though, I ended up focusing more on my camera than on the boys, to try and focus and zoom, especially towards KEY! Heh. Yes, I do have extreme favouritsm issues lol. I know.

OK so, enough of the yakking. Will provide you some pictures now! :D

So that's a few of what I actually have edited and uploaded. For the rest though, I honestly have no idea when I can find the time to get it done and up seeing how I've about 5 projects to complete before I leave in 8 days to Taiwan. AND I've yet to start. FMLzzz.

So that's all for now then. If you wanna see more photos, do look for me on facebook yea. I've the photos there^^

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