Wednesday, 17 July 2013

I want you back~

Err no, I don't mean a person, although there are quite a few people I would like back in my lives, that is another story for another time.
The you I am referring to here, are my old blogs.
I want them back, not because I want to leave them on the internet for all to see my unglorious past, but I really want to read them again, and see for myself how much I've grown and matured as a person.
I used to blog with BlogSpot for YEARS, in secondary school. Then because I felt the things I blogged about, were to incriminating upon myself, and allowing others to see too much into me, and also due to certain other issues and factors, I deleted that blog.
Than maybe a year or so? later, I started to blog again, still with blogger, under a different handle.
And then, I migrated to wordpress sometime when I was in polytechnic, and deleted the blogger account that I had once again.
Last year when I finally decided to make the move back to blogger, I left my wordpress blog around.
But what I really want to read right now, is my very first blog and the posts I made back then.
One thing though, I can't remember the handle I used back then, and even the email which I used back then has been deleted, along with the blog account and all. So even if the blog was still around, there's just no way I can find it anymore :(

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