Friday, 26 July 2013

tough week

Haven't had the luxury of time to blog for awhile now...
Was so caught up with school and assignments, I'm practically drowning in them.
Of the entire semester for this first school term, I've seriously just pulled through the toughest week ever.
Just completed and submitted 2 assignments in the last few days, and was staying up late and rushing through it for the past one week.
Not to mention the fact that I fell sick 2 days ago, it's been really tough, and all I can say for myself is that I'm proud of myself for being able to push through this trough.
I still have one last assignment due next week, but that's relatively simple... I THINK.
Exams will start in slightly more than 2 weeks time, and I haven't even gotten around to studying :/
I do hope all will go well, and that I don't screw up my exams like I did in poly, cos I really do not wish to extend my years required to complete my degree by having a need to remodule!!
So, wish me luck guys, and I'll come back with more to post soon as I'm done with my next assignment!!!

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