Sunday, 28 July 2013

The start of something new

Had loadsa fun yesterday!
'twas an impromptu decision to meet up for a movie from the previous night, but still really great!

Caught The Wolverine with Joey and Alvin, and spent like over an hour after that just catching up on one another's life over dinner!
Although it wasn't a really long meet up considering the fact that we only met in the evening, it was really good nonetheless.
And Bryan who joined us for just about an hour before the movie, thanks for coming all the way down even though you had other things on, and had to rush from the east to town, and back to the east again!

Never did think that such a group like us would have so much to talk about because honestly speaking, this is not the original clique we more or less split into after cliquers camp two years back.
But being able to come together like this and share with one another about our lives and even things that are so personal, makes me feel really happy deep inside.

Already planning for our next meet up, and it's just so much to look forward to!!!

Hopefully, we'd remain like this for a long time to come and that we can always share with one another truthfully about our ups and downs!!!!!!!!!!

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