Monday, 8 July 2013

July; Week 1

As it is, I'll be skipping the days which I spent at home doing nothing and everything ^^
Tuesday! Caught up with my favourite vainpot!

Spent time at the arcade, and for the first time in my life, I played a game that involved shooting. Was terribly inept, and our luck with the games were terrible! We kept ending up on machines which were faulty! >:(
Walked around window shopping, at cash converters and topman, before finally settling down in DTF for dinner! Mad love the food there, and to think, it was my first time there in close to a year! :(
But still, dinner was ultra satisfying!


 The chili crab XLB was mad love lor! Super good! I urge you to try it if you go DTF!
So then because by the time we made payment, our movie (White House Down) was starting we totally rushed to the cinema and went right in before TC went back out to get drinks, which caused him to miss the first few minutes of the movie!
Such a good movie, love how they managed to combine action and comedy all into one, and Channing Tatum was just AMAZING!
So grabbed ourselves a durian mcflurry after, and just sat to catch up on one another's lives and all, yea, it was a good night~


Wednesday saw me having girl time with mumsie, getting our nails done, and having cakes at TCC.
Lovely afternoon. It's always nice to be hanging out with mummy, and it's so regrettable that we don't do it often enough. And even more so when it comes to daddy!

Guess who's having which, although if you do follow me on instagram (handle: Aubrey_TY) you should already know! ^^~
Thursday was a slack day considering how school was reslotted to Sunday, and so I went and got my hair treatment done, and then came home to help mummy with cooking of dinner. It's not always where mummy wants to cook, so when she does, we're always in for something nice!
Dinner that night was WONDERFUL, with such a spread!
Taiwanese braised pork served with rice, preserved vegetables, silver fish egg omelette and  long-stemmed broccoli stir-fried with button mushrooms.
(Guess which were whipped up by yours truly!)
And well, Saturday and Sunday, as you should have already known, if you did read my previous posts, were spent celebrating my birthday with two special groups of people!
As little as it may seem though, this week was eventful for me, and I really cherish such moments like these!

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