Saturday, 13 July 2013

Review: Cook A Pot Of Curry

So this post would be a brief review and also a why you should watch it Wild Rice's on going production of Alfian Sa'at: Into the Spotlight - Cook A Pot Of Curry
It is no secret that Wild Rice's production always tends to be on the wild side. What with their bold statements on local issues as well as the government. But then again, this is, in my opinion, what makes them stand out, and make the productions all the more worth watching.
Cook A Pot Of Curry, starts out with the controversial issue of the curry, wherein if you are living in Singapore, should have heard of it before. It is amusingly portrayed, and definitely one of the best scenes in the show.
This production is centred around the voices of Singaporeans, as well as those living in Singapore, through means of interviews, and monologues of it.
It is candid, how some of the speeches were very honest, and it reaches out to the audience, resonating with what we may feel about the things going on around us.
Some topics broached included that of the "6.9 million population", and then of course following that, "the birth issues regarding stop at two, grandaunt mother's scheme etc.", "over crowding on MRTs" as well as the "Hong Lim Park Protest" amongst others.
One thing for certain, is that a strong innuendo of racism and a definite dislike of migrant workers. Although some might argue and say that it is not just an innuendo, but plainly stated, really, I beg to differ.
A scene in particular which I really like though, was the scene of the taxi driver's voices. Crude as it may have been, considering the fact it was in Hokkien and Teowchew and slathered with profanities, it is scenes like this, that touches someone the most, because it is not everyday, we manage to see such happenings in plays, and definitely not on TV. Yes, there is a similar scene in Malay and Tamil, for those races as well. The play is very well covered in that aspect I must say.
So for anyone coming to watch this show, don't worry, because there will definitely be something you agree upon, and feel for. Honestly speaking, this production is really worth watching, and even if you watch it 5 times, believe me, each time you would come out with a new light, a new perspective.
Cook A Pot Of Curry is still showing in theatres for the next one week (till the 20th), so get your tickets from now!
Tickets are priced from $45-$60, exclusive of sistic fees, and it is showing at The Singapore Airlines Theatre, LASALLE, College of the Arts.

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