Monday, 15 July 2013

Are you a shopaholic?

Find yourself always shopping?
Always a little bit too broke at the end of the month?
Well, fret not now, with Save22!
Being a site dedicated to showing you the greener pastures of shopping, i.e. saving where possible with discounted options, you'd never have to worry about burning a hole in your pockets no longer!
Entering into Save22, you'd be greeted with this sight.
Choose from the list of categories they have, to look for deals you may require.
Or, type in your own keywords based on the deals you are looking for, or even shops and brands you would like a discount on!
As you can see from where I'd boxed them out, Save22 has thought of everything, from stating out the nearest branch to you, and even till when the deal is on, so you'd won't have to worry about going to the shop only to find that you had missed out on such glorious deals!
Also, they even provide the option of letting you look for deals via the promotions listed, or the stores, which would then definitely aid you in selecting the most convenient location for you!
Finally, there, at the bottom of their site, lies their corporate profile and SNS options for you to keep in touch with them!
Guess what, Save22 is not just limited to Singaporean users either! It's also made available in Malaysia and the Philippines!
So wait no more, and head to Save22 for more savings now!

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