Saturday, 6 July 2013

The little things that matters

Just got home and showered after a lovely day with some people whom I haven't met in a long while, and it's just amazing how a little goes a long way.
We first met during TPCliquers camp, and one thing I'd never forget, is how closely we had bonded as a whole.
That despite it all, we've managed, through little chats here and there on twitter and whatsapp, managed to still remain as friends!
Met up with Alvin, Bryan and Joey this afternoon for a belated celebration for Alvin's Birthday which fell on the 2nd, and also for mine, which is just tomorrow, 7th.
So, Alvin suggested Group Therapy, and the food was really not too bad, although I kinda regret not getting myself a cup of coffee to try...
And anyway, as usual, people were late and things got delayed, lunch was in fact after 2pm, it was still a wonderful affair, just chatting amidst lunch and enjoying ourselves.

What was amazing, was that somehow, I did not expect that there would be a cake, although, I should have known, considering the fact that Joey did ask me if we should get one for Alvin and stuff.
It's all quite a laugh considering we were all having our own convos outside of the group chat with one another...
Joey and Alvin to get me a gift, Bryan and Joey over the cake, and Joey and I over Alvin's gift...
Yea, but it turned out nicely in the end! ^^

We actually intended to watch Monster's University, but us being lazy, neglected to book the tickets yesterday, and today over lunch when we tried to book, the page was FOREVER LOADING! :<
Then we just headed off to cine and guess what! ALL THE MOVIES FOR THE TIMING SOONEST WAS SOLD OUT!!!!! Then we decided to just watch Vehicle 19, since the only other available movie was The Lone Ranger, which Bryan already has tickets to for later tonight...
Well, heads up for those who intend to watch it, that one star rating it's given is not a lie. It really is that bad. Like Bryan even fell asleep through the movie when it's supposedly an action film! Really not worth to be paying the money for I guess.
Well, all I wanna say, is that I'm glad to have this bunch of friends to have spent the day with celebrating my birthday even if it's a day in advance. It totally makes the notion of school tomorrow a little more bearable, and makes me all warm inside! Thanks for today guys! Love you'll!

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