Tuesday, 16 July 2013


Honestly speaking, I've been trying to grow out my hair for the past 3 years at least.
But for some reason, my hair never gets past an inch or two below my shoulders.
And I can only blame my fickle mindedness for this really.
It's like no matter how much I yearn for my hair to grow, I can't help but to get bored with my hairstyle every few months.
What more, my hair stylist LOVES to cut short hair for people.
I don't know why, but he does.
But after trying to get me to cut my hair short for a year or two, with me adamantly refusing to let him cut any more than 2 inches off every time, he gave up.
Then why, you must be curious, for the reason that my hair is still not at my desired length, right?
Well, about close to half a year ago, I told him I was bored and wanted a change, and told him to cut my hair short. Like bob kind of short.
But am thankful he didn't cut it all that short after all, because he told me I would regret it like cray, and only cut till just above shoulder length for me.
And he was right you know. Within a week after that hair cut, I was feeling pretty regretful.
Come to think of it now, if I hadn't chopped my hair off then, my hair would most probably be around chest length now? Which would be so damn wonderful to style and play around with!

But guess what, I just chopped off 2 inches of my hair again. Cos of the dead and split ends. Sighhhh. 
But honestly, that's just part 1 to grow hair, grow.
What I need most, is not growth in terms of length, but rather, volume.
For some reason, I've been facing a serious case of hair loss for awhile now, and it's entirely upsetting really. Might be hereditary, but I cannot confirm that...
My hair right now, is so thin and little, it's depressing.

My stylist even mentioned how bad a state my hair is in right now. 😭
It took him less than 15 mins to be done with my hair because it was so thin and there's nothing much for him to cut!
Anyone has remedies or solution to hair loss?
As well as ways for hair to grow longer faster?
Please do share your knowledge! ^^

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