Wednesday, 3 July 2013

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*disclaimer: What is going to be in this post is my thoughts, and does not represent anyone else's. If you are not going to like what I say, feel free to leave this blog :)
So as per my previous post a week ago, I was in Bintan, and all I can say is that, Singaporeans totally are a hard to please bunch, and very much definitely one of the top ranking contenders in the world for most kiasu (/kiah-soo, ˈkiɑsuː/ n. & a. [Hk. kia fear + su loss; Mand. pàshū]  Also kia suA n. One who is afraid to lose out to someone else, often to the point of selfishness; an over-cautious person.) people. Although I must say, the Chinese and Indians follow behind very closely, or if not are on the same line.
On that point of Singaporeans being hard to please, it really is true. I mean anyone would be able to tell you how much an average Singaporean is known to complain. I do too, and I'm not going to deny that fact.
But this man I came across whilst waiting for the shuttle bus to get us back to the hotel resort after finishing dinner at the Kelong, seriously brought it to the next level. It left me feeling so annoyed, and even embarrassed for him.
Here's what happened. Everyone was congregated at the entrance of the restaurant, and we've been waiting for the bus for a good 10 minutes already. So there were some cars here to pick up their passengers to bring them back to whichever resort it is they came from, and so out of courtesy, a staff member of the restaurant came out to just check with the patrons if any of them were waiting for their car, and to make sure they did not just wait blindly and miss the fact that their car was already there.
This fella, obviously Singaporean could not stop complaining from the moment he was asked, and even till we alighted the shuttle bus at the resort. And honestly the words that came out f his mouth when he was complaining was really making him seem so petty. Some of the things he said, not word for word are: "Why he ask us whether we got call for car? He purposely call the car and want us to get on and have to pay for it one, right." "I'm obviously taking the shuttle bus what, why he so kaypoh?" And he just kept repeating his complaints over and over to his companions, who at first were responding to him, but within minutes of the ride, just kept quiet and let him rant.
Hey, the staff was just trying to do his job, and be helpful. You don't have to kick such a big fuss over such a small issue alright. It's not even as if he forced you up that car. All he did was ask if you were waiting for one.
Ok, so that was that. The issue on kiasu-ism is really big though. I get that you would like to board the shuttle bus which gets you to the ferry terminal, but is there really a need to be shoving your way up the bus just to get a seat? Honestly though, the resort would definitely provide enough busses to bring everyone to the ferry terminal, so there really isn't that need to shove your way past the elderly, and mothers carrying their babies alright. This totally applies to the Indians and Chinese as well. All pushing their way forward with disregards to everyone around them. What if someone falls because of your unruliness!
This is just the tip of the ice berg though. It was mayhem at the ferry terminal. What with the terrible no-queue system, people were literally rushing forward to get onto the ferry just so they can sit in "good" seats. It's appalling really, how some people behave.
I could go on, about how sometimes I feel ashamed to be a Singaporean, outside of this trip to Bintan, but I guess that's another story for another time.
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