Monday, 29 July 2013


For those who follows me on twitter, you would have seen my tweets from last night regarding school.
The first trimester is coming to an end already, and we were suppose to select our classes for next trimester's modules about 2 weeks back. So, being me, although I was out the day registration opened, I camped on my phone to choose the classes which I wanted so to minimise the days I need to go to school and stuff, and well, my efforts paid off.
But now, I'm not so sure if I really want to be in the class I'm in after all... My friends all couldn't manage to make their selection in time, and the slots ran out, leaving them to be put on the waiting list, and unfortunately for them, they were allotted a different time and class, which now becomes my misfortune. I won't have anyone I know in class at all!
How am I going to make it through the first two weeks (at least) of lesson alone, considering how difficult it is for me to make new friends unless people approach me first! :(
It's even to the point where I have half the mind to opt out of my current allotted classes to join the same class as the rest, but I don't know what are the days/timing of those classes yet, and it's even more worrisome if they are too spread out!
What should I do now?

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