Saturday, 6 October 2012

Screwed body clock

Ok this is damn ridiculous. Back when I was still with kingsmen, I just had to sleep around 11pm or I'd literally die the next day. I wasn't even able to survive those overnight set ups properly.

I mean just look at it... Night Fest and spikes is the best example. Forever dying off around 11plus and yawning non stop.

But since I left the company and had nothing to do, I end up surfing the net till 2-3am and sleeping till 1pm daily.

This is absolutely bad, really!! I should like stop it right here, right now. My immune system is steadily falling as is evident with my slight flu right now. And I totally wouldn't be able to continue like this once school reopens anyway.

I really need to go get myself a job to stop myself from spending all day lazing around at home on the laptop or in front of the teevee really. Hate when I've nothing to do at home. Yet I don't wanna head out as I would definitely overspend as usual.

So the only way out would be to get a job, which is better in fact. As it kit only gets me out of the house, but I would even earn money as well!!! ^^

Heh, but even so, I've been quite unsuccessful in my attempt at looking for a job uh:(
Seeing how I would want one nearer home, and at least pays $7/hr. And absolutely not anything related to MLM. Sighhh.
Just hope I can find one soon!!

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