Monday, 29 October 2012

weekend movie dates ♥

So had 2 impromptu meetups over the weekend!

Saturday first yea.
Had tickets to catch the premier of skyfall (Many thanks to SonyPicturesSG for that! ♥)
And like totally last minute jio-ed Linghui to watch it together!
Spent a bomb on that day cos I was at Orchard area for a job interview(which I ended up turning down, might talk more about it in another post). Yea, bought a pair of sandals, though not the one that I originally wanted, but have to settle for because my fat feet can't take the strap of the one I wanted. Woes of people with broad feet/fat ankles.

Then headed over to Vivo to meet Linghui, but since I was early and she was late, I went shopping around, well, headed to sephora cos my urban decay eyeliner that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE is already near finishing, and spent money there. Totally worth though cos it's ultra smooth to apply.
But NTS, I really need to get myself a felt/liquid/gel liner which is major waterproof cos the waterproofness of this urban decay one is just not up to standard enough. It smudges, sadly. And I totally need one that has a strong hold seeing how we actually have PE as part of our module this sem due to NAPFA, no less. Don't even see the point of it, being that NAPFA is actually not compulsory for girls to take in poly. Ok, I digress too much.

Well, then she reached, and whilst we were like walking around really aimlessly to find a place for dinner, walked into another shop and ended up buying this pair of studded flats for like a mere $19. Dirt cheap la. It's selling online for at least $23-25! But, it's half a size too small actually... So now I kinda regret :(

Then ended up eating at some japanese place, which I swear, have terrible service although the food isn't all that bad. So I'd never go back to that outlet even if I really wanted to eat from that shop again.

Then finally went to collect the tickets, it was such a mess, what with them using at least 3 halls for the screening, and having like 3-4 different ticket collecting counters for the different companies like heineken/sony pictures/whatever was sponsoring...
So took us like a good 10 mins before we finally located the right booth, and another 5 mins of going through a queue, only to find out we were queueing for the wrong theatre. The place was soooo crammed and all, and everything was just chaotic.
But that aside, the movie wasn't all that bad, though I did feel that it could have been slightly shorter(less draggy) and more actionised.
It really is the first time that I went hrough an entire movie(action one) without screaming and/or squealing, because if you've ever watched one of those sorts with me, you'd know I just can't take the bloodshed and violence :/
Anyway, I'm just gonna leave it at that, because the movie ain't out yetm and I'm not going to spoil it for you who have yet to watch it!

And so, met JY the next evening to catch Taichi Hero! Was suppose to go catch it after school on thursday, but cos her sunday plans got cancelled, we went yesterday instead!

Swear, major upset with the producer! Totally cheat my feelings la! Using all these big names to promote the movie, but ends up, these big names appear like only 5 mins in the movie. In Taichi zero, ShuQi appears as LuChan's mother who died a sad death in mere minutes of her appearance. At least though, her beauty still was evident.
But, Daniel Wu was like totally disfigured and all in Taichi Hero where he appeared as a crazy monk for slightly more or less than 5 mins.
Was totally looking forward to the performance to these two, but alas.

Well then, there was still Eddie Peng whom I have liked since his early days of acting, but his character was just to pathetic, lol. But somehow, he pulls it of well enough.

For those who have yet t watch it and would like a good laugh, do go and watch Taichi Zero and Taichi Hero. I assure you will enjoy it! It's like slapstick with kungfu and action. Totally worth it! :)

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