Tuesday, 23 October 2012


So generally, school's back again. And honestly, I just wish I was back at Kingsmen doing my SIP still. School's a chore. It's only day 2, and I feel as if I've been back a week already. AND, it's only 2 lectures I've been through so far, seeing how week 1's tutorial-less.

Yes. But somehow, we've already been informed on 3 field trips of which 2 is for Spa, and the other's for Cruise. Though I really can't decide if I should go for the escorted field trip for Spa, because I'm gonna have to make my way in to sentosa at my own expense, and be at the Spa's lobby at 8:20. which just means I'm gonna have to make my way out of the house by 7:10 latest, which is, quite an ungodly hour if you think about it. Plus the fact that it isn't compulsory... well, let's just say I'm not all that bothered by it.

And... I still don't know more than half of who's in my class. How much more awesome can things get huh... Never did have much close friends in poly up till now with the exception of one or two, but sadly, we don't have the privilege of being in the same class :( But then again, life sucks, so I can only live with it.

Well, let's deviate some bit from school now...
Went back to KM on monday to meet ShiHui before heading for our trial Korean lesson, and damn... Leon said "Wah, back again, you 灵魂不散 hor"... Sighhhhh... Well, at least this shows I have good relationship with the colleagues what. /LOL self comfort/

Then Imma meet Jerwyn and someothers for dinner again tomorrow... But I guess I'll stay away from the office for some bit now. If not really too much ah... Back in the office twice in 3 days. LOL. And I'm not even working anymore. HAHHAHAAH.

Ok, so I guess that's about it so far.

OH! Right, and I won myself a pair of tickets to catch the preview of skyfall this saturday evening! How awesome.

Alright. Signing off. HAHAHHAAH.

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