Friday, 5 October 2012

Le iPhone5

So, I did post about how happy I was to have gotten my iPhone 5 the other night on my wordpress, and now that it's been a few days since I've gotten it, I'm gonna give a better testimony about it...

Well, the front camera is really tons better tbh. It doesn't have the fuzzy feel that the old iPhone gives, which really a thumbsup, especially for girls who loves to snap away with their phones! :)

Howeverrrr, the battery life really sucks! Like it dies damn fast. Just yesterday I went out with a FULLY charged phone, and just after half an hour, when i BARELY used my phone other than a few minutes of whatsapp, my battery already dropped down till like 90%. Quite ridiculous really, considering how Apple claims the I5 has a better battery lifespan on a full charge as compared to the I4S. So technically, I should have been seeing battery that was at 97-98% then, and not 90%!! And by the end of the day, well, around 9pm, my battery was already below 50% so to speak. Seriously, Apple, you're nt holding up to your words :(

Well, on the brighter side though, the grip is really good. Just that maybe, cos my hands are ridiculously small, I can't quite reach the entire screen when I use just one hand as compared to the I4. So that's just a downside for me I guess... Or anyone else with small hands for that matter. But the slimness of the phone really makes it so much better. And it definitely feels lighter as well which is great!

I also went and got myself screen protector for both the front and back, but unlike the I4, the I5 has the aluminium backing, and the 2 lines across the back which makes the protector have bubbles between the phone and the protector. Which, I really dislike. But, seeing how 'chor lor' I am, I really have no choice but to keep it there, if not I would see scratches all over the phone by the end of the week. And, tbh, I already have one scratch on the back of the protector which I really have no idea how it came about. :/

Other than that though, I still haven't had the chance to try out the google map, so I really can't say if landmarks had been shifted or anything for that matter. Though I wouldn't know for sure even if it was seeing how bad my sense of direction is. HAHA. Well, but I can read a map, so i guess if things were really out of place I should know? LOL.

Oh, and some apps, like whatsapp and kakao talk unfortunately, has not yet seen an upgrade making it fit for the I5, and hence the interface looks kinda weird as you see 2 strips of black top and bottom of the screen as the display is meant for the I4. makes typing abit troublesome really... cos you have to adjust yourself to not type on the entire screen and all.. If you do get what I'm saying...

The display of the phone keypad though, is REALLY ugly! I would much rather they stuck with the original look. It's just quite ridiculous how this came out to be. Although, the new display for the music player turned out quite pretty cos it looks sleek and all now.
See for yourself and judge^^

Well, the only thing that I don't quite like, is that Apple has not yet found a way to improve their video functions! And by this, I mean having the video to be able to zoom in and out while filming! This would be absolutely terrific if they could make it happen!!! :D
Ok, so that's about it... For now I guess...

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