Tuesday, 9 October 2012


Forever and ever, the best thing in the world to me.
No one could ever replace these 4 people in my life!
I just love them soooo much :)

Had dinner as 5 again last night at mushroom pot, and contrary to the previous night, dinner last night was  just fabulous! We had so much fun just eating together and chatting over dinner about nothing. I love days like these really. Gives me so much pleasure to just sit and unwind and all.

Had dinner and the mushroom pot again, cos we just LOVE mushrooms! Sadly though, mushroom park closed down or we most probably would have went there instead. They have so much more interesting mushrooms. Mushroom pot was just as good though, with their ala-carte side dishes and all, even if we didn't order those (except for the musrhoom roll), and just stuck with the steamboat.

So, we had the LingZhi soup base(healthier choice), with like 9, or was it 10 different mushrooms, as well as a load of veggies and some meat, heh! Yea, no matter what, we just can't live without meat, LOL. I think I would die if I had to turn vegetarian :(

Looks good aye! Hehehe, it tasted superb, really! ^^ Love steamboat, and I love it even more when there's mushrooms!! Anyway, we were all soooo bloated after dinner, but guess what, the sister said, let's go for ice-cream. And daddy even readily agreed cos he said "mouth itchy"!

Yea... but we went for a walk around first to 'digest' some of the food. HAHA! 

Really loved how pretty the night lights are around the area, even if it's nothing fantastic, and basically just building lights coming from the city. But the night breeze, and subtle lighting just makes evrything seem so much more nicer than it would as compared to in the day!
And yea, so after that little stroll, we headed of to Tampines Mall for Haagen Daaz, teehee!
Had myself a perfect harmony, but I changed 2 of the flavors cos I never did liked chocolate and strawberry flavoured ice-cream all that much. Oh, I was pretty disappointed by the matcha flavoured served as well. Had quite a weird after taste, unlike most of the other matcha ice-creams I've had previously.

But Overall, the ice-cream I had was still delish. Well, being the sweet tooth I am, ice-cream is always good! HEHEHEH :D

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