Wednesday, 24 October 2012

wednesday night dinner date

Not technically MY dinner date, even though it started out that way where I was supposed to have dinner with my office 'daddy' because from the day before I left KM, where we were supposed to have lunch together and him being stuck on site and unable to come back for lunch, we have yet to have a meal together yet.

So when I was back to office on monday to meet ShiHui, we actually decided to have dinner together today(at the airport because he still has his ongoing midnight set-up there). But while I was out with ShiHui, she saw that Ah Meng had no dinner date for today, we ended up asking him to join us for dinner and so, the 3 of us, together with jan and daddy had dinner together, at Momoya just down the road from KM just now.

Wow, the food was actually so much better than i expected.Always going past there and wondering if their food was good and all, but having finally tried the food just now, yea, I can so totally say that YES, the fod is fantastic. Their dinner buffet is priced at $32++ for adults, and for the 5 of us, the total bill came up till about $208. So all in all, still quite worth if you happen to be big eaters. However, if you don't eat too much, then maybe just go for the ala-carte. Would be more value for your money, I'm sure.

We had like soooooo much sashimi OMG! Damn shiok leh! Hahahha. Oh, but DON'T order the miso soup. It's like worse that drinking salt water, quite gross, I swear. And the age dashi has like way to much flour coating. And they said the breaded oysters tasted disgusting? HAHHAHA.
Other than that though, everything was pretty good.

Yes, and HHN2 tomorrow. Damn excited yet scared at the same time? I can't even explain lor. Cos I've never been scared of school's night walks before, mainly just cos I know the person/I know they're not scary, but well, this is just different lol. BUT really damn excited. HAHAHA, virgin trip to USS leh. #swaku or what ah? But well, looking forward to it so!

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