Saturday, 6 October 2012

dinner in lieu

So, in actuality, I should still be out right now, rather than typing away here...
But apparenty, Jas got held up at her event, and wouldn't have ended till at least 10pm, hence, our outing to the night safari has been postponed to further notice :(

However, went out with the family for some dinner.
Though, it ended up pretty damn disappointing I must say.
Really don't know what happend to their service, but it was literally, terrid. It's the worse I've ever received to be honest. Quite upset about it. Made dinner such a bad experience tonight.
Even the food wasn't as good as it used to be before... Like more salty and all. :/

Well, anyway, I've got some pictures of dinner.

Yea, so those were during dinner... Then we had desserts at Max Brenner at I12 Katong.
And I got lazy to take so many photos, so just... mine. HEHE!
The S'mores Concoction.
PS: I didn't really like it though :(

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