Sunday, 21 October 2012

That's it.

It's finally come to an end. The holidays that is. After the longest 7.5 months of a short break followed by 6 months with Kingsmen and another 3 weeks of break, it's finally the last day of holidays.

And as much as I wanna tell myself, go out have a blast, be happy, make merry and all for one last day before resuming with school, I am honestly extremely reluctant to be going out and spending any unnecessary money.
I really overspent in the last 2 months.
*to be honest, my rate of spending has escalated to an eerily scary height right now!

Ok, well, back to the point here. Schools gonna start again, and this time around, I really can't afford to be all slacked and playful like I was in year 1&2! Having already decided that upon graduation, I would go further my studies, it is obviously, apparent that I would need to do something about that GPA of mine. Even though it is already impossible to being it up to a point where I can get into a local university, I've to at least make it more decent and presentable right? Like at least a 2.5 minimum. It's not that unacheivable. Although I'm holding on to a mere 2.12 right now.

But as the saying goes, impossible is nothing, and I would definitely work hard to achieve my goals. And with determination, I'm sure it can be achieved.

So, schools reopening, and for some reasons I can't describe, as much as I would love to be going back to school because lazing home all day (to prevent myself from heading out and spending doesn't really help anyway) is just way too boring for me.
But yet, I kinda dread it soooo bad. Like just thinking about it gives me the shivers and nightmares.

Either way, I'm done to my final semester, and it's full steam ahead for now. To put in my best effort, and graduate happily!!!! :)

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