Thursday, 18 October 2012

The belated farewell dinner

So yesterday, almost 3 weeks after I had officially left Kingsmen, I went back and met up with the team for my belated farewell dinner with them!

To be honest, I was just so happy, really! These people made so much of a difference in my life, and I just can't come close to saying how much I love them and how much they mean to me!

The fact that although I am just an intern, but they go out of their way to plan this for me really has me so touched. I feel so loved and appreciated, really! :*

So, we had dinner at Al Forno at Upper East Coast, and what can I say, I was literally craving for pasta and ramen just days ago, and it totally satisfied my craving I tell you.

The food and everything was just supreme! so we had like 6 appetisers to start of with. Damn a lot I know! I can't even name the food cos the names are just to long for me to remember. But we sure had a lot of salads and cheese! And the vongole, ohhhhh, perfect! then came the mains, it was just right and all! Really delicious. Had seafood spaghetti (tomato based) wrapped in foil and al funghi fettuccine (my favourite!), and this fire baked pizza which had a damn good crust, and this wrapped pizza which is really delicious beyond words. We were all so bloated beyond words by then, but yet, we still ordered another 4 dessert to share. Yes, such pigs we are, sooooo much food for just the 7 of us!

But I really did have the time of my life last night, so much laughter and joy, just catching up with them all. Although, it is quite a pity that James couldn't make it cos he was on site! :( Miss my buddy! Talking cock and bitching with him...

Well anyway though, I won't be uploading pictures of dinner here cos I didn't manage to get nice ones cos everyone was to eager to eat so I could not manage to take proper photos at all :'(

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