Sunday, 21 October 2012


I really LACK self control.
It's been especially apparent in the last 2-3 months!!!
Like I just spend and spend and spend thoughtlessly.
Even though I'm not earning all that much.
And what's worse is right now, I'm not even working.

And in the past 3 weeks, I've successfully spent over $100.
On things I really can do without - clothes.
It's not like I don't have enough, but for absurd reasons, I always feel like I do not have enough, and I just continuously buy more.

Yes. It's that ridiculous. I can't even comprehend it myself.
Tops after tops, skirts and more skirts. Make-up even.

Seriously need to put my money under LOCK AND KEY!
If not I'll never be able to save any!

And to think I need money for the TW trip at the end of the year!
Really thankful beyond words that we're going in winter and not summer because it only means lesser clothes that's appropriate for wearing in Sg's weather. Or I'd most probably spend a huge bomb there. Like make-up/clothes/shoes. Yea... I can just picture myself coming back with excess baggage even if it were summer, and not with family. Luckily we're only spending 3-4 days in Taipei! And one day out of the city with the local tour...

I'm just gonna end it off here then. And, really... I NEED TO STOP SPENDING!!!!! Don't even understand how my spending became so excessive and terrible ok.

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