Friday, 26 October 2012

Halloween horror night 2

Good morning folks:)

So, I'm posting this from my phone, because I've nothing else to do apart from manning this counter and since I'm alone and there's no one though, I shall just take some time to talk about my adventure last night!:)

Met 姐姐 & Jan at the office, around 7plus though really, I reached and was waiting for them at the lobby for like forever:( and left for USS.

Swear, I was soooo excited. Cos it's like my virgin trip to USS/a Halloween event. And night walks have always been amusing to me. To see how much I can go before getting scared. So I was really tons excited seeing as there'd be all the really cool effects and all.

Though, the event was really quite disappointing cos the queues were all so unbelievably long and had waiting times of longer than an hour. Yes, I suggest you get an express pass if you're going over the next few nights.

We went in and had dinner, so that was already half an hour of time that we could have spent more worth qhile gone D:
First stop, the haunted house. Walked to the first one, but upon seeing the one hour queue, we just actually walked on to the next(death alley). This, though is what disappointed me the most. Like seriously, spending over an hour queueing, only to walk through the not even scary enough haunted house in under 10mins. Makes me feel ultra cheated really :(

Then cos battle star galactica was so close, we went for that next. The queue, was equally long. Took the one with loops and all(Cylon?). Sooooo fun omg! Hahahaha. But the going down damn scary I can't even. Hahahaha
And just like that the ride was over. It was like all but 3mins? Sigh:/

Then we were like just walking around, and I was walking in front of jan and ShiHui, so when someone tapped me, I really thought it was jan, but when I turned my head back, it was the ghost's head in my face. Damn funny omg! Then was like talking and laughing with ShiHui and this ghost placed his hand right in front of my head as I turned my head back to the front. Had I not leaned back a little, my face would have ran smack into his hands lol.

I think the ghosts gets quite annoyed with ShiHui and I. We really don't get frightened by them, it's funny.

So, walked towards the next haunted house, because what is a horror night without walking into haunted houses right! But the queue was snaking around so ridiculously we just gave up. Then we went to the canopy walk ride. Oh god. Thought it was some tame shit ride. But cos we sat facing the back and can't even tell when the turns are coming/the restraints are just around your belly/the turns are so abrupt that ShiHui and I kept swigging around and ended up laughing non stop for the latter half of the ride.

And with that, we went to queue for our final ride already. Because, it was 12:30 already. Woah, how time flies when your having fun eh. Went for the mummy ride. But honestly, my Stomache was so queasy, and my throat so constricted with the I wanna puke but nothing's coming out feeling cos I think I drank too much water that I couldn't even enjoy the ride :((((
Totally just sat and closed my eyes the entire ride. Quite upsetting really. If I was feeling well though, I'm pretty sure it would have been damn enjoyable cos we were sitting front row!!!

And yea, that sums up the night! Hahahaha. Paid $60 to queue 2/3 of the night and only managed 1 haunted house and 3 rides. Whut?! Yea.

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